A heartfelt thank you and a look ahead

As we turn the page on a truly incredible chapter, we want to extend our deepest gratitude to every one of you who has journeyed with us at BoostCheetah. For six years, your trust, dedication, and passion have not just fueled our platform; they’ve defined it. Together, we’ve conquered countless challenges and celebrated even more victories, building not just a service, but a community.

Yet, as with all great tales, change is inevitable. It’s with a mixture of nostalgia and excitement that we announce the sunsetting of BoostCheetah. This decision, though difficult, paves the way for a new adventure – one we hope you’ll join us on.

Introducing BoosterBay – a vibrant new platform where the spirit of BoostCheetah will thrive in an exciting, innovative format. Imagine a marketplace where the choice is truly yours, allowing you to connect directly with boosters, handpicked by you, for a bespoke boosting experience. Think of it as having the entire spectrum of talent and expertise at your fingertips, where you can choose your champion like never before.

BoosterBay is not just a new name; it’s a leap forward, a reimagining of how we can bring gamers together in a way that’s more personal, more empowering, and even more thrilling. We’re bringing the heart of BoostCheetah’s community into this new era, combining the familiarity of our exceptional service with the excitement of direct, personal interaction.

We’re immensely proud of what we’ve built together, and even more excited for what’s to come. This transition is a testament to what we’ve achieved and a beacon for what we can accomplish in the future. Your favorite boosters, now just a click away, in a marketplace designed with you in mind – this is the essence of BoosterBay.

To our loyal customers and dedicated boosters, thank you for making BoostCheetah a legend in its own right. As we embark on this new venture, we invite you to join us at BoosterBay, where your next chapter awaits, filled with the same passion, excellence, and adventure that has always been our hallmark.

If you’re wondering which boosters to start with, we’ve selected some we’ve really enjoyed working with and have found that most customers equally love working with them.

Top tier booster

Top tier booster

Thank you for everything. Let’s make history once more.

Your BoostCheetah Family & Future BoosterBay Crew