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  1. cyrille deidda (verified owner)

  2. Nathan Goins (verified owner)

    The only thing preventing it from being 5 is the time it takes to start the event. I pay for priority service and the start time half the time is 12 plus hours after. Why am I paying for priority if it isn’t being treated as a priority? When I pay for priority it is to ensure I am awake when the event is going to happen.

    Trials of OsirisTrials of Osiris

  3. daniele b. (verified owner)

  4. Lee Turner (verified owner)

    Fourth reset was the Charm….

    One Thousand VoicesOne Thousand Voices

  5. Nathan Goins (verified owner)

    The booster had good communication. It took over 24 hours for my service to start. It took the booster 3 hours to complete the order.

    Nightfall: OrdealNightfall: Ordeal