The Dawning in Destiny 2: A Festive Celebration

Embrace the Holiday Spirit in Destiny’s Beloved Seasonal Event

Welcome to the most wonderful time of the year in Destiny 2 – The Dawning 2023! As the stars twinkle brighter in the cosmic night, Guardians gather to celebrate, share gifts, and indulge in the joyous festivities. Join us in this detailed guide to The Dawning in 2023, brought to you by BoostCheetah, your trusted companion in the world of Destiny 2.

The Dawning Preview: What Awaits Guardians This Year?

Baking Holiday Delights
  • Gather Ingredients: Defeat enemies and complete activities to collect unique ingredients.
  • Bake with Eva’s Holiday Oven 2.1: Combine ingredients to create delectable treats like Gjallardoodles and Classic Butter Cookies.
  • Gift and Earn Rewards: Exchange your baked goods with characters for exciting rewards.
Key Upgrades and Features
  • Earn Dawning Spirit: Complete Event Card Challenges and deliver treats to unlock upgrades.
  • Enhanced Event Rewards: Enjoy increased rewards throughout the event.
  • Weapon Focusing: Target specific weapon drops, including new Dawning weapons.
New Additions: Stasis Snowballs and More!
  • Revamped Stasis Snowballs: Spawn snowballs at enemy defeat points using Dawning weapons or abilities.
  • Dawning Memento: Embark on the Winter Night quest for unique rewards.
  • Albedo Wing: Discover the new Glaive with exclusive perks like Beacon Rounds.

New Dawning Weapon Perks: A Deep Dive

  • Deconstruct: Bonus damage against vehicles and constructs, with a unique ammo refill mechanism.
  • Attrition Orbs: Create Orbs of Power with sustained damage.
  • Cold Steel: Slows targets with powered Sword hits.
  • Beacon Rounds: Grants projectile tracking after final blows.
  • Dawning Surprise – Origin Trait: Rapid defeats grant Dawning gifts, with powerful targets counting more.

The Dawning is a festive annual event where Guardians participate in holiday-themed activities, bake treats, and earn unique rewards.

Our expert team assists with every aspect of The Dawning, from ingredient collection to completing challenges for exclusive rewards.

Yes, this year introduces new elements like Stasis Snowballs, the Dawning Memento, and the Albedo Wing Glaive with unique perks.

Join us in celebrating The Dawning with BoostCheetah, and experience the joy of this festive season in Destiny 2 like never before. From baking treats to battling foes with new weapons, we’re here to enhance your festive journey. Happy Dawning, Guardians!