Battleye Safe Destiny 2 boosting


VPN connection close to you

Using a VPN, our boosters connect to a location as close as possible to you. This allows us to appear to be you.


We log in and start boosting

With a VPN connected close to your home. Bungie sees only you and doesn’t know if it is you using a vpn or someone else!


Extreme discression is used

Our boosters play offline to avoid detection from your friends and family. Stream requests are done via a private anonymous account.

Why does battleye safe boosting work?

Our boosters take a lot of precautions to hide their identity

VPNs are one of the best methods utilized. By using a VPN, Bungie doesn’t know who is logging into your account. They can only see a VPN with an IP addresses close to your location connecting. In general, using a VPN is highly recommended to help protect your online privacy and to stop your internet service provider from snooping on your activity. They are 100% legal for our boosters to use and highly recommended by security professionals.

Anonymous Streams

Since the start of BoostCheetah, our team members have used private and anonymous streams that aren’t shared with anyone else. Anyone watching your stream won’t know if you’re being boosted or just someone playing!

Over five years of boosting