Next Step

piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 02:00
Hello, I hope you’re having a great week. Do you have some time to chat about your application?
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:02
Hello im fine and you? yes i can talk now.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 02:02
Great! I liked your interview and application. It’s clear you’re someone that takes boosting serious and wants to get orders done. I’d like for you to boost at BoostCheetah. Are you interested?
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:03
yes, I’m very interested.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 02:04
Perfect. After joining us in our discord server, most people need about thirty minutes to cover everything. I will need your full attention for going over our systems. Is now a good time for that?
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:07
can you give me 30 minutes? I’m helping my team finish a work foray, in 30 minutes you’ll have my full attention, will you?
for I want to have all my attention to it, and not miss anything.
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:26
sorry about that, you have my full attention now.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 02:27
I would need to finish the other applicant
I’ll get back to you after Im done.
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:28
it’s ok, I’ll wait.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 02:54
Are you available now?
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:55
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 02:55
Thank you! I’m getting a few things together for onboarding (going over our systems). I will also be inviting you to our Discord server with the rest of the boosters. First thing, I’ll need you to do is sign our standard NDA.

Once filled out, signed, and sent, please let me know what email you used to sign the document. Will you do this now?
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 02:56
I will do that now.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 03:33
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 03:34
Sorry for the delay, I’m still reading the contract, I’ll try to be quick.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 03:35
I’m sorry, let’s continue this tomorrow. It’s almost 4 am here.
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 03:36
OK, do you have a preference for a specific time?
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 03:36
Are you on PST?
What time is it now on your end?
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 03:38
4:37 pm
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 03:39
9 or 10 am tomorrow , your time.
Thank you for today.
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 03:40
all right, good rest.
piNang2415 — 14/01/2023 18:50
Hey, sorry we may not able to continue today. Let’s talk on Monday. I have flu, so I need to rest. Hope you understand.
ODouglaSO — 14/01/2023 19:25
No problem, we can do it on Monday, I wish you the best.
piNang2415 — Today at 18:10
Hey, how are you? I’m sorry I wasn’t able to reach out to you, since I mentioned last time that I was sick. Thankfully I am feeling okay now, so I would like to continue with your application. Let me know if you’re ready.
ODouglaSO — Today at 18:45
Hello im fine and you? yes, we can continue.
piNang2415 — Today at 18:52
Give me 30 minutes, I need to finish the other applicant.
ODouglaSO — Today at 18:52
it’s ok, I’ll wait.
ODouglaSO — Today at 20:44
piNang2415 — Today at 20:58
Okay I’m back.
What email did you use to sign the NDA?
ODouglaSO — Today at 21:00
piNang2415 — Today at 21:00
Thank you! I’m going to send you an invite to our Discord server now so we can start the onboarding. One minute please.
Great, I’ve added you to the PC,Xbox, PS,PVE team. I’d like you to review the news, claim-details and faq-boosters sections of the Discord. Please do not review any other sections right now.

There are also a few videos in one of these sections that must be watched. The videos contain information that can not be found in the text.

It’s very important to know all of this information for you to boost here. Once you’re finished reviewing, I’ll ask you a few questions about the content to help you understand some of the more important information. Will you review this all right now and let me know when you’re finished?
ODouglaSO — Today at 21:03
yes i can do that.
piNang2415 — Today at 21:03
ODouglaSO — Today at 22:52
look, I’ll be very honest with you, I read everything you said and watched the videos and I found it very interesting, but there are many things that I don’t agree with, for example, the anonymity of the professional and the client not being able to favor the professional, and also the way to take orders and basically, you can’t choose the orders you want to take, that, for me who work in a team, it wouldn’t be interesting, for that reason, I don’t think I’m a good option for this site, personally sorry for wasting your time.
piNang2415 — Today at 22:54
Understood, thanks for your honesty. Have a good day!
ODouglaSO — Today at 22:55
you too, I hope you find one that meets the expectations of the site.