Next Step

piNang2415 — Yesterday at 12:52
Hello, I hope you’re having a great week. Do you have some time to chat about your application?
Teqoa — Yesterday at 12:52
Yes i do
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 12:53
Great! I liked your interview and application. It’s clear you’re someone that takes boosting serious and wants to get orders done. I’d like for you to boost at BoostCheetah. Are you interested?
Teqoa — Yesterday at 12:53
Yes i am 100%
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 12:54
Perfect. After joining us in our discord server, most people need about thirty minutes to cover everything. I will need your full attention for going over our systems. Is now a good time for that?
Teqoa — Yesterday at 12:54
Yes thats fine, its currently 4am and i been working my ass off so im pretty focused
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 12:55
Thank you! I’m getting a few things together for onboarding (going over our systems). I will also be inviting you to our Discord server with the rest of the boosters. First thing, I’ll need you to do is sign our standard NDA.

Once filled out, signed, and sent, please let me know what email you used to sign the document. Will you do this now?
Teqoa — Yesterday at 13:02
Yes its done
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 13:03
Thank you! I’m going to send you an invite to our Discord server now so we can start the onboarding. One minute please.
Teqoa — Yesterday at 13:04
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 13:05
Great, I’ve added you to the PC, Xbox, PS team. I’d like you to review the news, claim-details and faq-boosters sections of the Discord. Please do not review any other sections right now.

There are also a few videos in one of these sections that must be watched. The videos contain information that can not be found in the text.

It’s very important to know all of this information for you to boost here. Once you’re finished reviewing, I’ll ask you a few questions about the content to help you understand some of the more important information. Will you review this all right now and let me know when you’re finished?
Teqoa — Yesterday at 13:05
Yea i will
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 13:05
Can you do this now? or you need until tomorrow?
Teqoa — Yesterday at 13:05
If its cool can i do it when i wake up, as its 4am for me rn
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 13:06
Yeah sure, no worries.
I’ll message you tomorrow.
Teqoa — Yesterday at 23:39
hi, @piNang2415 i am currently reading through all the information and will watch the videos shortly
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 23:44
Let me know if you are done 🙂
Teqoa — Yesterday at 23:56
Hey i finished the reading. When i try to login for the short videos it just takes me to the site page
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 23:57
Close the browser and open it again
Teqoa — Today at 00:20
Alright i watched the videos and finished reading the information
piNang2415 — Today at 00:21
Thank you for taking the time to review everything! I just have a few questions about the content you reviewed. Please keep in mind, this review is to help make sure you understand the systems and so we can help where help is needed. If you don’t know something, let me know you need a moment to review the content.
Teqoa — Today at 00:22
piNang2415 — Today at 00:22
An order comes in that can not be started for two days. When is it safe to claim it?
Teqoa — Today at 00:24
As long as theres no other priority orders, it should be grabbed accordingly to when the activity can be run
piNang2415 — Today at 00:27
No order should be claimed unless you can start right away. That means you are available and the order is available to be run. For example, if they preorder a raid and you want to run it when the raid is released, you do not claim it until it is available. Also check weekly rotation weapons to be sure it is available that week.

If there are items on that order that can be completed this week, you may complete those and then mark the order reset for the other items to be completed when it’s time.
Assume you’re teaching me and I know nothing about the systems. I’m running an order and I need to mark the order status as reset. Please write out the steps I need to take to properly update the customer and close the chat.
Teqoa — Today at 00:33
First off, you will inform the client of whats been completed so far, in terms of the loot and whats remaining in his order.
Explain to client why the order needs to be done post reset (if necessary)
Then hit the reset button send the message and hit save.
The order will then close temporarily and be assigned upon reset
Teqoa — Today at 00:53
Let me know if you are ok with that response
piNang2415 — Today at 00:54
All the steps in order are as follows:
1. Set status to RESET do not hit save
2. Click “Reset” blue button
3. Send message it created.
4. Click save to close the chat and change the status
When changing a status, the customer has to wait until their order is returned to queue for us to run it. Except for one status. Which status allows a customer to return the order back to the queue on their own and when should it be used?
Teqoa — Today at 00:59
It should be used when the client has not responded over 15 minutes, and should be put. in the admin status never later than 30minutes
piNang2415 — Today at 01:01
Admin is correct. You typically use it when the customer doesn’t respond to a password or access code issue. While not mentioned anywhere, we may also use it if the customer’s light isn’t high enough. Allowing them to return the order to the queue when they do have the correct light or when they are available to give the code/correct login details.
You just claimed an order, sent the welcome message and waited ten minutes. The customer hasn’t responded. What do you do next?
Teqoa — Today at 01:03
You attempt to login, and if theres a security code needed, you use the access code default message. Shortly after that (10minutes) you ping the customer if they still have not responded.
piNang2415 — Today at 01:04
Yes, you’ll want to log in/move onto step 2 located in FAQ:

We do not need the customer in the chat to start their order. If you are able to see they are still on their account, it is okay to kick them off after the ten minutes.
You just claimed an order and sent the welcome message. After two minutes the customer said they’re offline. What should happen next?
Teqoa — Today at 01:07
Login, and let the customer know if you need a code, if not tell them you are signed in and update them about the status of the team and how long you will take to start
piNang2415 — Today at 01:08
Yes, you should start the login processes. This means going to step 2. We should not wait ten minutes if they state they are not online. Remember, step 2 is to tell them you are logging in and mention what you are running. After you login, then you send the login message. These are two different steps.
Last question, when can you close the chat without sending a closing message (such as using completed or admin/reset status message)?
Teqoa — Today at 01:12
Whats the question there, i dont really understand
piNang2415 — Today at 01:14
When can you close a chat without letting the customer know?
Teqoa — Today at 01:20
Inform the admin, follow further instructions from there
May result in a pay reduction
Is that right?
piNang2415 — Today at 01:45
This was a trick question. In the video it says you ALWAYS send a message before closing. Every time you claim an order you should 100% send a message letting them know you are closing the chat and why. We should mention how they can get help outside of the chat if needed as well. 99.999% of the time, these messages are premade for you. Always make sure send a message before saving a status and closing a chat. A message does not automatically send when you change a status, you need to do it manually.
Are you available to do this?
Teqoa — Today at 01:49
Is there an age limit you guys need, cause the last site were ok for me to sign with my parents consent
piNang2415 — Today at 01:51
Oh, we only accept 18 and above.
Teqoa — Today at 01:51
Im turning 18 in a few months
Is there anything we can arrange for the time being, im really interested in working for boostcheetah, and i have some people that i know are on the site to vouch for me in case of any doubt
piNang2415 — Today at 01:55
Unfortunately, we cannot accept below 18. You can reapply after you turn to 18.
Teqoa — Today at 01:56
I turn 18 on the 2nd of january 2023. Is there anyway to guarantee a spot for me once i turn 18
piNang2415 — Today at 02:01
I’l have your application noted, no worries.
Teqoa — Today at 02:01
1 last question. What if i work for you guys, and claim payments after i turn 18 or is that still against the contract
piNang2415 — Today at 02:02
Yeah that won’t work.
Teqoa — Today at 02:03
Damn, well if theres any sort of alternative please let me know, cause in past experience some sites are ok with under 18 as long as there is parental consent etc
piNang2415 — Today at 02:04
We had some applicants that are not 18 and unfortunately we were not able to work with them since it is strictly against our policy.
Just keep in touch, you can reapply next year. 😀
Teqoa — Today at 02:05
Alright i will be back in 3 months time i guess