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  1. Admin Support says:

    gtikittyToday at 10:57 AM
    Chantal Levesque
    BoostCheetahToday at 10:58 AM
    Hi Chantal. Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah! I’m currently finishing up with another applicant and will need about fifteen minutes before we chat. Will you be sure to be available at this time?
    gtikittyToday at 10:59 AM
    BoostCheetahToday at 10:59 AM
    Great! At that time, you’ll have my full attention and I will need yours as well. Please be sure to finish up what ever you’re working on.
    BoostCheetahToday at 11:19 AM
    Thank you so much for your patience! I’m pulling up your application now.
    How are you doing today?
    gtikittyToday at 11:20 AM
    Great and you?
    BoostCheetahToday at 11:20 AM
    I’m doing really good! I spent the first part of the week hiking. Being off my feet and working is nice haha
    I see you’re applying for Division 2, is that correct?
    gtikittyToday at 11:21 AM
    Yes that is
    BoostCheetahToday at 11:21 AM
    Great! How have you been doing with the first and the new raid?
    gtikittyToday at 11:22 AM
    Love it, it has been a awesome challenge. Just completed the iron Horse raid two nights ago
    BoostCheetahToday at 11:22 AM
    What were your thoughts on it?
    Hey Chantel, very sorry to cut you short. I’m being pulled away for an event. I will need a few hours but I will return as soon as possible!
    I’m very sorry!
    gtikittyToday at 11:25 AM
    I have so many, the most difficult is completing with….. ok thanks
    Every room seems to be linked to puzzles and doing these puzzles in a time frame. Now that I mastered the rooms and how they work, it has been harder with 7 other players to help get through the rooms. (To rely on the team and their rolls) I try to help put them in the positions they are most comfortable with and that seems to help
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:09 PM
    Thank you so much for your patience! Is now a good time for you?
    gtikittyToday at 3:11 PM
    I can in an hour, is that ok?
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:11 PM
    Okay, I may be doing other interviews at that time. Will you message me in an hour?
    gtikittyToday at 3:11 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:12 PM
    Great. I look forward to speaking with you later today.
    gtikittyToday at 4:00 PM
    Hello, I’m back, you have my full attention :wink:
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:10 PM
    Some interviews I promised ran a bit over. It looks like the wait is about thirty minutes to an hour.
    Will that work for you>
    gtikittyToday at 4:11 PM
    That’s fine
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:19 PM
    I do have an applicant that is having trouble with typing. While normally I like to just speak to one at a time, his answers are growing longer.
    Do you have a few minutes now? I just may need to stop to give him my attention at times
    gtikittyToday at 4:20 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:20 PM
    Thank you! I’m sorry if there is some delay. I will be as attentive as possible.
    One moment, I’m pulling up your application
    I see you put down that you’re only available on the weekends. Can you tell me a little bit more about your availability
    gtikittyToday at 4:22 PM
    I currently do not have a job. My schedule is open
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:22 PM
    What led you to select weekends only on the application?
    gtikittyToday at 4:23 PM
    I thought I put down weekdays and weekends. It must have been a mistake
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:23 PM
    No problem! What is your plan for work in the future? What about family and school? How do these things effect your availability?
    gtikittyToday at 4:24 PM
    I don’t go to school. I have kids that stay with me every other weekend. I’m currently on unemployment
    I dont have anything effecting me availability
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:26 PM
    If an order for the first year raid came in right now, how difficult would it be for you to complete it?
    gtikittyToday at 4:28 PM
    Depending on the circumstances. I am a quick learner.
    So that helps.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:29 PM
    How many clears do you have on operation dark hour?
    gtikittyToday at 4:30 PM
    140 on the boards
    Time is 25 min3.8s
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:30 PM
    With 140 clears, why do you feel it is hard to give a straight answer on how difficult it would be to complete one?
    gtikittyToday at 4:32 PM
    Depending on how the circumstances , but with my character I would have no problem
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:32 PM
    What sort of circumstances?
    gtikittyToday at 4:33 PM
    To me it’s the hardest part finding a good group and fit people into the best spot for them
    It wouldn’t be hard for me to complete it
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:35 PM
    How do you normally find a group of people?
    gtikittyToday at 4:35 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:35 PM
    From my experience, people that have 40+ raid clears are normally able to not only watch their spot but other peoples positions as well. They end up doing 2-3 jobs.
    With 140 clears, I’d imagine you’re carrying teams and have a lot of people to work with.
    If an order comes in, our expectations are that our professional boosters can pick it up right away and get it done.
    Play video games for money isn’t about fun. It’s about working.
    How difficult would this be for you to do?
    gtikittyToday at 4:37 PM
    I did have people to work with then. I was in a clan that was top. I left do to toxic players. I was helping players through the raid back then. I am currently helping friends through iron Horse now
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:38 PM
    We do not provide teams for boosters. Do you feel like your current circumstances may prevent you from being able to be 100% reliable?
    gtikittyToday at 4:40 PM
    Honestly, I play all the time. Probably too much:open_mouth: I am reliable for it. I am a go getter and don’t give up. I strive to help players. It makes me fell good and wanted. Especially being a female
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:40 PM
    Boosting isn’t as fun as playing the game on your own account. It’s a lot of work and stress. There is no rage quiting a raid. That means starting over. There is no quiting the raid and going back at it later that day or week. It needs done that day, at that time of pick up. You go until it’s done.
    To add onto that, all of our boosters sign and NDA and we require tax w9s filled out. Document signing and training/onboarding takes about four hours.
    That’s your time and my time, not to mention time spent on this interview. If you aren’t reliable, you won’t stay on the team. Which means it was all a waste of time for you.
    With that being said, do you want to boost or do you want to play Division 2 and feel good?
    gtikittyToday at 4:44 PM
    There is no rage quitting here. I am a national leader and take pride in helping people. I would love to be apart of boostcheetah
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:44 PM
    How long do you feel you need to be comfortable running Iron Horse?
    gtikittyToday at 4:45 PM
    4-6 hrs
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:46 PM
    That’s a pretty solid clear time. I should rephrase. If hired today, would you be available to start taking Iron Horse orders by tomorrow?
    gtikittyToday at 4:47 PM
    Yes, I’m in a raid now
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:48 PM
    Great, that’s all the questions I had for you. In about three hours, I will be doing an onboarding for a few Destiny 2 boosters that we’re bringing on. I’ll want you on it as well. Will that work for you?
    gtikittyToday at 4:49 PM
    I barely played destiny 2. I a pro in division.
    I am willing to learn and pick it up. Help in the near future
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:51 PM
    I mean to say I am onboarding a bunch of Destiny 2 players. The content of the training is how to use BoostCheetah’s systems. The fact they are Destiny 2 is irrelevant. I was just pointing out that there is already an onboarding scheduled.
    It’s a lot easier to do groups of people then try to break it up, as they take time.
    Will you be available over the next three hours?
    gtikittyToday at 4:51 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:52 PM
    Great. I’ll message you soon about the next steps! Thank you for chatting with me today. I have to get to a few other applicants but I will be with you when I’m finished up.
    gtikittyToday at 4:52 PM

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