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  1. Admin Support says:

    Are you guys hiring?
    We’re always looking for talented boosters. You can apply on our website:
    Play video games for money – Job Application – BoostCheetah
    Get paid to play Destiny 2 or the Division 2. We’re paying PS4, Xbox, and PC players skilled at Raids and or PVP. Make money playing video games.
    It says session expired whenever I try to apply
    I would recommend trying another browser, making sure your browser accepts cookies and making sure you do not have on a VPN.

  2. Admin Support says:

    LordYukriToday at 4:14 PM
    Ethan Vad
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:00 PM
    Hi Ethan, thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. I’m finishing up with an applicant now and will be available to chat in about five minutes. Will this work for you?
    LordYukriToday at 5:06 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:07 PM
    For the interview, you’ll have my full attention. I will need yours as well. Is now a good time?
    LordYukriToday at 5:07 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:07 PM
    Great, I’m pulling up your application now. How are you doing today?
    LordYukriToday at 5:08 PM
    Im good. How about you?
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:08 PM
    I’m great! I just moved into a new home. I’ve been working on little projects when I can. Mostly, I’ve been working which I greatly enjoy.
    LordYukriToday at 5:09 PM
    Thats Great!
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:09 PM
    I see our application requested you to submit either raid.report or destinytracker url
    You instead submitted a destinytrialsreport url. Why did you choice to submit this url instead of the request links?
    LordYukriToday at 5:10 PM
    I think trials report stats mean the most at this point of the game. However if u want my destiny.tracker I can send a link
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:11 PM
    If you were boosting here, should we expect you to follow the instructions and rules set in place or do you typically do what you feel is best?
    LordYukriToday at 5:13 PM
    I follow instructions and rules set in place. However I thought trials report was what you wanted as most people use this site over destiny.tracker.
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:13 PM
    The way we have it written out, what made you think we did not want the destiny tracker link?
    LordYukriToday at 5:15 PM
    The way u wrote it out clearly stated what you wanted. However Trials report is a more accurate and updated site of people stats so I thought It would be better to show. So I was just assuming it would be better. But if thats not the case I do apologise
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:17 PM
    Our guidelines are set up to ensure boosters get paid and the customers are well taken care of. We need people that can follow instructions carefully. One of these rules is, if you pick up a contract, you complete all of it in the one sitting.
    If you grab a raid order and you wipe for eight hours and you can’t complete it. What would be your plan from there?
    LordYukriToday at 5:19 PM
    I would keep trying to complete i wouldnt give up on an order unless the circumstances included having no Internet or something serious
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:20 PM
    How frequently does something serious happen or you lose internet?
    LordYukriToday at 5:20 PM
    Very rarely
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:20 PM
    You understand that losing your internet or having something serious to care of over an order would mean voiding the contract to work here. You’d be okay with this?
    LordYukriToday at 5:22 PM
    I understand this
    If i take an order I would make sure there would be no upcoming events to disturb me while completing it
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:22 PM
    You mentioned doing 300+ recoveries on eBay. Whos eBay account did you use for this?
    Was it your own or someone elses?
    LordYukriToday at 5:23 PM
    My own
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:23 PM
    Will you please send me a link to the eBay feedback page
    LordYukriToday at 5:23 PM
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:26 PM
    Thank you. On your application you mentioned you’ve boosted professionally. What sites or services do you use to receive orders?
    LordYukriToday at 5:26 PM
    Carrysquad and Blazingboost
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:27 PM
    With most of your orders being Trials. Having them from eBay, CarrySquad and BlazingBoost, what is your goal boosting here?
    LordYukriToday at 5:28 PM
    To complete as many trials orders as possible
    Im free all weekend so I can complete many orders
    All trials weekend*
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:28 PM
    What is your outlook on PVE orders?
    LordYukriToday at 5:29 PM
    I can do most pve orders
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:30 PM
    I don’t see a flawless prophecy dungeon clear on your report. What is your ability to complete these?
    LordYukriToday at 5:30 PM
    Thats something I most likely can’t complete
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:30 PM
    At BoostCheetah, boosters speak directly to the customers and our customers love that we focus on letting them know everything that is going on with their account. It makes them feel safe. We do this by having a required set of updates that each booster must give via a live chat directly linked to the customer. This includes about 6 updates before starting an event and stopping after each raid encounter to let them know what they received. For trials you update after each game.
    For some boosters, they just want to play and this is a waste of their time. What are your thoughts on constantly updating the client?
    LordYukriToday at 5:31 PM
    If its what the client wants then its something they should receive
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:33 PM
    Hypothetically, a customer on your ebay store orders an Outbreak Prime Heroic + Config. He does not have the Outbreak so you obtain this for him.

    After obtaining the outbreak, and starting the heroic, you realize obtaining the Outbreak was not part of the order and this should have been ordered separately.

    Tell me, word for word, what do you say to the customer so he fully understand the issue and so he knows what happens next?
    LordYukriToday at 5:36 PM
    I wouldn’t obtain the outbreak for him and I would tell him he didn’t order this therefore he would have to get the outbreak himself before I start the order
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:36 PM
    At the start of the interview, you told me you can follow instructions. If this is still correct, will you follow the instructions given above?
    LordYukriToday at 5:37 PM
    The instructions about the outbreak?
    Or communication with the client?
    Either way yes
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:39 PM
    That’s all the questions I had for you, Ethan. Thank you for your time today. We’ll be selecting boosters over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t hear back, please feel free to reapply on the website after thirty days.

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