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  1. Admin Support says:

    This is Joshua Cicero.
    Hi Joshua. Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. How are you doing today?
    I’m doing great, thank you.
    Great, for the interviews, they will be over text and I will need you full attention to ensure we can get through them quickly. Is now a good time for you?
    Yes, now is a good time.
    Great! I’m going to pull up your application now. While I do so, tell me about something good you have going on in your life.
    Well, right now I’m am a senior in high school, and since I don’t plan on going to college, my course load has lightened significantly, giving me far more free time than years previously
    Last year of high school, that is exciting!
    Quite, yes
    I see on your application you marked PVP. We reserve this roll for the “PVP gods”. With trials being how, you consistently do you plan to go flawless?
    I plan on going flawless at least once a week, with that increasing as I and my teammates get more coordinated and I learn the feel of the maps, as I did not play Destiny 1, and so currently have less map knowledge than I would like.
    With orders, we’d be looking for our boosters to run five to ten orders a week.
    What issues would you face on days where we need five done in one day?
    As I said, I have less map knowledge than I would like, and my current team is much more of a late in the day type of group, so time may be a issue as well. As I get more map knowledge and time on the new maps, the first problem should go away, which would help the second problem as well.
    Thank you Joshua for your time! That’s all the questions I had for you. We’ll be selecting boosters over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t hear back, feel free to reapply after thirty days.
    Alright will do, thank you for your time.

  2. Admin Support says:

    Eagie419Today at 4:30 PM
    This is Joshua Cicero
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:33 PM
    Hi Joshua, thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. How are you doing today?
    Eagie419Today at 4:33 PM
    I’m doing well, thank you for asking.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:34 PM
    That’s great to hear! Give me just a moment while I pull up your application.
    Last time we spoke, we discussed your position on the team as a PVP member. You mentioned getting into Trials of Osiris. Since then, what has happened with Trials?
    Eagie419Today at 4:37 PM
    Since then, I have found that trials was less than what was expected. I played more or less consistent, going flawless once, and maintaining a positive KD, but there just wasn’t enough there for me to work at it more than the first month.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:38 PM
    There was four more weeks of armor and weapons to grind out, including the auto rifle that is highly sought after. Why not finish it?
    Eagie419Today at 4:41 PM
    The armor wasn’t a huge draw, as I’ve had a full set of Garden of Salvation armor that I was completely satisfied with, and I did get rolls of every weapon that I was more than satisfied with, including god rolled rocket, sniper and auto. Am looking to try for the seal this season, now that I have Conquerer
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:41 PM
    You mentioned on your application that you can not stream. What is preventing you from streaming?
    Eagie419Today at 4:43 PM
    Where I live, high speed internet is not widely available, so I would be unable to guarantee good streaming quality
    My internet is more than suitable for game play, however
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:44 PM
    What would you say best describes your situation:

    Youve tried streaming and the quality is terrible or doesn’t work
    Youve tried it and it works but the quality isn’t the best
    You haven’t tried it and just feel it doesnt work
    Eagie419Today at 4:45 PM
    I’ve tried it, and the quality isn’t the best, as it causes my game to drop frames and cause lag across both.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:46 PM
    You placed your availability as always available. What do you do about school, work, family, friends? Tell me more about your availability
    Eagie419Today at 4:48 PM
    I’ve just graduated high school, and currently have no obligations that I can’t work around. I try to go off with friends and be with family, but I don’t have times or days when I know I’m not available at any given point. I do plan on getting a proper job in the fall/winter but right am working on getting my car in working order, so I don’t have any real schedule at the moment.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:50 PM
    What’s your goal with boosting? Are you looking to just do some orders from time to time or do you plan to pick up as many orders as possible?
    Eagie419Today at 4:52 PM
    My goal is to use it to make a steady, if small stream of cash, so I can continue to grow my savings, and provide some extra money to my parents, so I’d probably plan to do at least a couple orders every day or two.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:53 PM
    At BoostCheetah, our customers love that we focus on letting them know everything that is going on with their account. It makes them feel safe. We do this by having a required set of updates that each booster must give. This includes updating after every encounter of a raid to let the customer know what they received for drops.
    For some boosters, they just want to play and this is a waste of their time. What are your thoughts on constantly updating the client?
    Eagie419Today at 4:55 PM
    I would have no trouble with that, as I would be having access to their accounts, which is both preventing them from using their Xbox profile, and has access to their personal information. I expected something along these lines
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:56 PM
    Tell me, what experience do you have in customer service?
    Eagie419Today at 4:57 PM
    I have little experience in customer service, but I have experience with being both polite and professional, and not letting my feelings be betrayed in how I act.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:58 PM
    Hypothetically, a customer orders an Outbreak Prime Heroic + Config. He does not have the Outbreak so you obtain this for him.

    After obtaining the outbreak, and starting the heroic, you realize obtaining the Outbreak was not part of the order and this should have been ordered separately.

    In this situation, you are the owner. There is no one to turn to for help. What do you do to ensure the best customer experience?
    Eagie419Today at 5:02 PM
    In that case, the fault would have been mine, as I should have seen the inconsistency and should have offered advice on how to properly order Outbreak, the Heroic completion, and the vault configuration. I would inform the customer of their mistake in ordering, tell them I already have the weapons, let them know what stage of completing the original order I was on, and complete the order. I was partially to Blame, so the customer should get what he ordered, plus Outbreak, at the original price of the order with no change to the order.
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:03 PM
    Why do you feel this is the best option?
    Eagie419Today at 5:06 PM
    Because the customer gets what was ordered, and then they also get what I got for them by mistake. The majority of the blame was on me, so nothing should negatively affect the customer. This should leave the customer happy, which should be priority.
    BoostCheetahToday at 5:06 PM
    Thank you Joshua for your time! That’s all the questions I had for you. We’ll be selecting boosters over the next couple of weeks. If you don’t hear back, feel free to reapply on the website after thirty days.
    Eagie419Today at 5:06 PM
    Alright, thank you.

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