BoostCheetah Application

Today at 10:51 AM

Hi, this is Alexander Fiore Della Valle, I’m from Australia so we’re in different time zones. Just a heads up, as it is late and I was about to go to sleep

Today at 10:52 AM

Hi Alexander. I’m finishing up with an applicant now and will be free to speak in about fifteen minutes. For the discussion, you’ll have my full attention and I will need yours.
10:53 AM

We are stopping interviews after we’ve found the boosters we need. Is today a good time or do you need to sleep?

Today at 10:56 AM

Hi, that’s fine. I’m more than happy for the interview to happen now, it’s not terribly late over here, so now would be a perfect time.

Today at 10:56 AM

I’ll message you shortly

Today at 10:57 AM

In about 15 minutes? Also roughly, how long will the interview take. If you don’t mind me asking.

Today at 10:58 AM

Yes, fifteen minutes. Do you have something planned that I should know about?

Today at 11:01 AM

Fifteen minutes works fine for me. No I do not have anything planned you should know about.

Today at 11:19 AM

I am ready when you are.

Today at 11:21 AM

What sites or services do you currently use to obtain orders?

Today at 11:24 AM

I am currently apart of a trials help discord that me and two other friends run together. I am also in a friends discord who I help with PvE orders only. As of today I just got hired onto Guided Gaming Services.

Today at 11:25 AM

What are you expecting to get from BoostCheetah?

Today at 11:26 AM

I am expecting to, get to know more people, boost and run orders for the site, make a bit of an income and overall have a good time.

Today at 11:27 AM

On your application you put down PC and Xbox. What consoles are you able to boost Trials of Osiris for?

Today at 11:31 AM

I came from Xbox, only doing occasional comp help originally. A few months ago I invested in a gaming PC. Ever since I’ve owned my gaming PC, it has been my main platform. Although I still am skilled on Xbox. I would be able to boost for both consoles. Although, for my current skill and preferability I would prefer PC but I can do both.

Today at 11:31 AM

We’re currently only looking for Xbox boosters. If selected, would that be an issue for you?
11:33 AM

You asked how long this would take. With your answers taking three to four minutes, you can expect almost two hours with thirty questions.

Today at 11:33 AM

Will this change when the new season comes out? If not, no. It would not be an issue for me.
11:33 AM

Oh, okay thanks for the heads up.

Today at 11:34 AM

I don’t have that much time for an interview, I have others to get to. Please consider the time between answers.

Today at 11:34 AM

Will do, my apologies.

Today at 11:34 AM

“Will this change when the new season comes out? If not, no. It would not be an issue for me.”
11:35 AM

So if it does change when the season comes out, it is an issue for you?

Today at 11:35 AM

It will not be an issue for me regardless.

Today at 11:36 AM

What were you trying to get at with the question?

Today at 11:36 AM

In other words, will you be looking for PC boosters next season?

Today at 11:36 AM

Right now, we’re looking for a PVP Xbox booster.

Today at 11:37 AM

Okay. Boosting on Xbox will not be an issue for me.

Today at 11:37 AM

You placed on your application that you’re always available. How does school, family, a job effect this? Tell more more about your availability.

Today at 11:41 AM

I am not currently at school, I had a job as a plumber, Monday to Friday but COVID-19 came around, so I stopped doing that. Currently all I do is services and boosting, it is my only income. My availability will be decently available, that’s for when I don’t have orders through my other site and I’m not too busy doing that on PC.

Today at 11:42 AM

So, if we’re lucky, you’ll have time to do orders here?

Today at 11:43 AM

No, I’ll have plenty of time to do orders for you. Hence why I applied for PvE, PvP, Xbox and PC.
11:43 AM

I’ll always have orders, I’ll be able to get through them, work hard and keep myself busy.

Today at 11:44 AM

What do you mean you’ll always have orders?

Today at 11:46 AM

I work for another site. I’m keeping them in mind to do with my availability, I meant I will always have something to do when working for you guys because, I applied for PvE and PvP

Today at 11:46 AM

At BoostCheetah, our customers love that we focus on letting them know everything that is going on with their account. It makes them feel safe. We do this by having a required set of updates that each booster must give. This includes about 6 updates before starting an event and for Trials of Osiris, you need to update after every game and let them know if they won or loss and what powerful they receive.
11:46 AM

For some boosters, they just want to play and this is a waste of their time. What are your thoughts on constantly updating the client?

Today at 11:49 AM

My thoughts on constantly updating clients are, I’m all for it, it’s their account and belongings. They have full right to know what’s going on and keeping in touch would keep them pleased. I used to do the same thing with updating clients when I did services on Xbox for comp.

Today at 11:50 AM

Hypothetically, a customer orders an Outbreak Prime Heroic + Config. He does not have the Outbreak so you obtain this for him. After obtaining the outbreak, and starting the heroic, you realize obtaining the Outbreak was not part of the order and this should have been ordered separately. You have a direct line to the customer but not an admin. What do you do to ensure the best customer experience?

Today at 11:53 AM

Personally, I would kindly tell him that, he would need to order that part of obtaining the outbreak prime, seeing as he didn’t have the outbreak prime yet, then I would contact an admin

Today at 11:53 AM

There is no admin. Imagine it is your company. What do you do?
11:53 AM

Please write out exactly what you’d say to the customer

Today at 11:55 AM

after obtaining the outbreak realizing he hasn’t ordered that, I would kindly let him know or bring to discussion that he didn’t order that part of the outbreak quest, then after we talked about it, he orders it, it comes through and we carry on with the rest of his order.

Today at 11:56 AM

That isn’t the reformat I requested. Maybe I explained it poorly.
11:57 AM

Based on what you said, what if he can’t afford or doesn’t want to pay for the normal outbreak?

Today at 11:59 AM

I would tell him, if he isn’t going to pay for it that I can’t help him and that this is a paid professional service. If he can’t afford it, if I’m not terribly busy and available I would just continue to run the order.

Today at 12:00 PM

As a plumber, you go to a house to unclog a toilet. You go to the downstairs bathroom and get the job down. Once the downstairs is unclogged, you realize you realize the work order is for the upstairs toilet. What do you do?

Today at 12:02 PM

I would unclog the upstairs toilet like I was supposed to do and only charge them for the one I was supposed to do, not the one I did that wasn’t on the order.

Today at 12:02 PM

When it comes to take care of clients for a boost service, you do not feel they should be treated the same?
12:03 PM

Why not force the client to give you money for the downstairs and leave if they can’t pay?

Today at 12:04 PM

Because doing that is a bad look and leaves a bad reputation. I feel like they should be treated the same yes, if it was my mistake by doing the wrong order then I wouldn’t charge them for it. If it was their mistake by ordering the wrong part of the quest and obtaining the outbreak without paying then I would kindly talk to them about it.

Today at 12:06 PM

That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you for your time Alex. We’ll be selecting boosters over the next several weeks. If you don’t hear back, feel free to reapply on the website after thirty days.

Today at 12:08 PM

Okay, thank you for the opportunity of the interview. If I do hear back, will it be from you in this discord PM, or will it be an email?

Today at 12:09 PM

If you hear back, it will be over Discord.
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