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  1. Admin Support says:

    Hi, I got a mail saying that I had to write to you here
    My id is tnucyy
    My name is Matteo Boldini
    Hi Matteo, thank you for your interest in our boosting position at BoostCheetah.
    How are you doing today?
    I’m doing good thanks, how about you?
    I’m very busy but getting things done! Overall things are great.
    I’m going to pull up your application, while I do so, tell me something good you have going on in your life.
    I know how it feels with work :)
    I’m trying to get school done, I’m about to do 18 y/o this months on the 24 so I was thinking a way to get some money to help my family and me get a job, after that I like help people on games or even in real life if they need
    I’m a good person who just like speak to other people :)
    I like a lot people I feel very good almost with everyone
    Those are good traits to have in this field!
    On your application you put that you can do PVP. How comfortable are you to getting to Legend on destiny 2?
    I can get it in around 1 week max so I don’t think it’s a lot of time, I already did some legend recovs
    Usually I can get recovs done in 3 days but I usually ask 1 week for be sure that I don’t have trouble with time and stuff you know
    Understandable. On Apex Legends, have you made it to Wraith ranking?
    Yes I almost did it but now im having problem with the game so I have to find a way to fix it first then I can let you know if I can do apex boosting cause Everytime I get into a game it kicks me out after 1-2 minutes
    I mean Predator*
    Ye I understood don’t worry
    I’m trying to fix this problem now.. it’s 1 week it kicks me out every game so I don’t really know how can I fix
    Currently, we’re looking for Apex Legends boosters only. I’m mostly interest in your ability to complete these services.
    Oh I understand
    Even tho I’m better on destiny 2 I can let you know for apex.. I can try do a game tomorrow and see where is the problem
    Cause sincerely I was more focused on join here for destiny 2 cause destiny 2 and apex are the games I play more than the other games but I have a lot more hours on destiny than apex at the moment
    But for me is not a problem do apex if I can find why it kicks me out every game
    No worries! That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you for your time Matteo. We’ll be selecting boosters by Monday. If you don’t hear back by then, please reapply in two months.
    Ok thanks to you
    I really appreciate
    I hope I can become a destiny/apex booster :) I would really love it
    Thanks again
    Have a good day

  2. Admin Support says:

    Matteo Boldini
    I received the email that you are hiring
    Hi Matteo, thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. How are you doing today?
    Im good thank you
    How are you doing?
    I’m doing well. I just started the marinating processes for my Tacos Al Pastor
    I have your application pulled up. I’ll need your full attention for the interview. Is now a good time?
    I have to get to the next applicant! I’ll circle back to you when I can.
    It is sir
    Sorry for delay
    You have my full attention now
    I will wait for my turn here sir
    Write to me as soon as you done with the next applicant
    Thank you
    Hey sir, i am available to do the interview if you are available
    Hey, I am still interested in getting hired
    Can we do the interview today?
    Hey sir?
    Any update sir?

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