One thought on “BoostCheetah Application

  1. Kyoko says:

    WolfyToday at 22:10
    In your application you mention you’re always available, can you tell me more about this?
    Stardust_d3-simoneToday at 22:12
    i don’t have at the moment something that take my time. I can change my time avalaible depending on the orders i get
    if you need a specific time avalaible i can say 3 P.M-3 A.M (Cest time)
    WolfyToday at 22:14
    I see, when opening an order with this company you will have full access to live chat with the customer, and will have to update regularly, how do you feel about this?
    Stardust_d3-simoneToday at 22:15
    I feel good.

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