BoostCheetah Application

piNang2415 — Today at 21:19
Hi for us to proceed with your application, we would need you to fill out the NEXT STEP application form. Thanks!
rubenjv — Today at 21:54
okay, I already filled out what they sent me through gmail, my email that they told me to send it to you is
piNang2415 — Today at 21:56
Thank you for. I’m pulling up your application now. How are you doing today?
I want to start by confirming a few items on your application. You’re applying for PC, PVE & PVP. You cannot stream and have boosted professionally. Correct?
rubenjv — Today at 22:08
yes, pc, pve not much, but I may catch some sometime, I focus more on everything pvp, mainly trials
And I cannot stream in twitch o YouTube cause my connection is not the best, but I can in discord that no consume too much fps
And sure, I been boosting for like 2 years
piNang2415 — Today at 22:25
Regarding your PVP boosting history, how many other sites do you collect Trials of Osiris orders from current?
rubenjv — Today at 22:27
Right now, I only take orders from LFCarry, I tend to take about 10 – 15 orders per week, a while ago I was also on Overgear and Kingboost
piNang2415 — Today at 22:28
At BoostCheetah, we’re different in the way that we keep the teams small so there is more orders for you. With that being said, we rely on our boosters being active and prioritizing our orders – completing our orders above all others. A single flawless pays a minimum of $20.40 per run. Would you be able to make BoostCheetah orders a priority and being available consistently?
rubenjv — Today at 22:32
For impeccable lfcarry, give me a maximum of 10, so I can give total priority to your company.
If there are enough orders, I could only work with you as my main page and leaving LFcarry as something secondary
piNang2415 — Today at 22:47
Is there anything stopping you from being consistently available, on average, for Trials of Osiris on Friday at reset?
rubenjv — Today at 22:52
I study in the afternoons, on Fridays I can start around 9 – 10 two hours after trials, then without problems all weekend, Mondays and Tuesdays
piNang2415 — Today at 22:58
Trials runs Friday through Monday. What days would you not be able to complete that many cards?
rubenjv — Today at 23:01
I can place orders every trials day.
piNang2415 — Today at 23:01
Thank you for clarifying that. How many flawless cards can you complete, on average, everyday?
rubenjv — Today at 23:03
If there are enough orders and I don’t stop all day, I can easily make 7 – 10
piNang2415 — Today at 23:04
To clarify everything – You’ll be available on Fridays at reset. Friday through Tuesday we can count on you getting close to 7-10 cards done everyday. If an order comes in somewhere else, you will always do BoostCheetah orders first if there is some available. Is this all correct?
rubenjv — Today at 23:04
piNang2415 — Today at 23:04
Are you comfortable with doing Trials of Osiris carries and confident runs?
rubenjv — Today at 23:04
I can do any type of trials order
piNang2415 — Today at 23:04
Do you currently have a VPN and do you use it while boosting?
rubenjv — Today at 23:04
I have windscribe, and nordvpn
piNang2415 — Today at 23:05
That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you.

I have a few other applicants to speak with. We’ll be selecting applicants by the end of the week. We’ll reach out via Discord if you’re selected. Please do not reach back out if you do not hear back, instead you can reapply on the website after thirty days.