BoostCheetah Application

piNang2415 — Today at 15:06
Email please?
Niiko — Today at 15:06
piNang2415 — Today at 15:06
Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. I’m currently chatting with another applicant but will be free to chat with you around ten minutes from now. Will that work for you?
Niiko — Today at 15:07
Yeah that will be great
piNang2415 — Today at 15:07
Great. You’ll have my full attention when we’re chatting. I’ll need yours as well to be sure we can get through everything. Please use this time to finish up anything you’re working on and be ready to chat.
Niiko — Today at 15:07
I will be ready
piNang2415 — Today at 15:14
Thank you for waiting. I’m pulling up your application now. How are you doing today?
Niiko — Today at 15:15
i am doing great thank you for asking
piNang2415 — Today at 15:15
I want to start by confirming a few items on your application. You’re applying for PVP,PVE,PC. You can stream and have boosted professionally. Correct?
Niiko — Today at 15:15
yeah that is correct
piNang2415 — Today at 15:16
Thanks for confirming.
Right now we are only looking for PVP players only, are you okay with that?
Niiko — Today at 15:16
yeah that is great
i can do anything in pvp
i do multiple carries per week and i have done even confidence carries when needed
piNang2415 — Today at 15:17
Regarding your PVP boosting history, how many other sites do you collect Trials of Osiris orders from current?
Niiko — Today at 15:18
at the moment 1
but i want to do more
if there is orders i will focus mainly where i can do more
piNang2415 — Today at 15:19
At BoostCheetah, we’re different in the way that we keep the teams small so there is more orders for you. With that being said, we rely on our boosters being active and prioritizing our orders – completing our orders above all others. A single flawless pays a minimum of $20.40 per run. Would you be able to make BoostCheetah orders a priority and being available consistently?
Niiko — Today at 15:19
yeah i will
flawless run means recovery or carry?
piNang2415 — Today at 15:20
Niiko — Today at 15:20
if i have to prioritize i will prioritize the site where there is small boosters
so i can fill the orders quickly
piNang2415 — Today at 15:21
That’s great to hear you are consistently available for Trials. Is there anything stopping you from being consistently available, on average, for Trials of Osiris on Friday at reset?
Niiko — Today at 15:21
the only thing will be if i am not home or pc/connection not working
but i will let you know if there is some issues with me going on
at reset i will be available everytime
the only thing will be having my pc not working
piNang2415 — Today at 15:23
Thank you for clarifying that. How many flawless cards can you complete, on average, everyday?
Niiko — Today at 15:23
i can do even 10
depends how many cheaters i match
i basically reset only to cheaters
i have a group of friends that we run non stop until we fell asleep
so yeah the only issues making me take more than 1 hour per card will be cheaters
piNang2415 — Today at 15:25
Trials runs Friday through Monday. What days would you not be able to complete that many cards?
Niiko — Today at 15:25
probably friday and tuesday because i live in italy and the reset for me is at 7pm
but i will do my best to do as many as possible
piNang2415 — Today at 15:27
To clarify everything – Friday through Tuesday we can count on you getting close to 10 cards done everyday. If an order comes in somewhere else, you will always do BoostCheetah orders first if there is some available. Is this all correct?
Niiko — Today at 15:27
the cards will be around 10 prob some day i can do more prob some day i can do less
buty the average will be around 10
and i will prioritize it
piNang2415 — Today at 15:28
Are you comfortable with doing Trials of Osiris carries and confident runs?
Niiko — Today at 15:28
i do multiple carries per week already
confidence carry or recovery?
piNang2415 — Today at 15:30
Niiko — Today at 15:30
yeah can do
piNang2415 — Today at 15:30
Do you currently have a VPN and do you use it while boosting?
Niiko — Today at 15:30
i do
piNang2415 — Today at 15:32
That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you.

I have a few other applicants to speak with. We’ll be selecting applicants by the end of the week. We’ll reach out via Discord if you’re selected. Please do not reach back out if you do not hear back, instead you can reapply on the website after thirty days.