BoostCheetah Application

piNang2415 — Yesterday at 16:05
Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. I’m currently chatting with another applicant but will be free to chat with you around ten minutes from now. Will that work for you?
Tympa — Yesterday at 17:44
Hello I just woke up I’m available whenever you’re free, here’s my email:
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 17:45
I’ll be available in 2 hours, would that be okay?
Tympa — Yesterday at 17:46
Yes that will be fine
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 21:40
I am available now.
You missed a call from
that lasted a minute.
— Yesterday at 21:45
Tympa — Yesterday at 21:46
hey lmk when youre free
piNang2415 — Yesterday at 21:46
Yeah sorry.
I am talking to another applicant, I’ll get back to you after.
Tympa — Yesterday at 21:46
ok sounds good
piNang2415 — Today at 15:13
Hi, sorry I was not able to cater you yesterday.
Are you available now?
Tympa — Today at 17:17
hello yes im available now
piNang2415 — Today at 17:19
Let me pull up your application.
I want to start by confirming a few items on your application. You’re applying for PC, PVE and PVP. You can stream and have boosted professionally. Correct?
Tympa — Today at 17:24
all correct
piNang2415 — Today at 17:26
Thank you for confirming everything on your application. Your raid report shows flawless for all of the raids. How comfortable would you be doing flawless raid orders?
Tympa — Today at 17:27
yes flawless raids arent a problem for me if i see the order sitting ill take it and complete it
piNang2415 — Today at 17:29
If you were on the team and a flawless DSC raid came in right now, how long would it take for you to get a team and start? How successful are you at completing them?
Tympa — Today at 17:30
i can confidently say im unlikely to be the cause of our team wiping so it depends on who i pick up for the team, if i have my main team online its likely we completely it first try
i also usually like to get started asap and wont take me longer then 5-10 minutes to find people and get started
piNang2415 — Today at 17:35
We’re looking to find how reliable you would be when a flawless order cames in. You noted it would take 5-10 minutes to get a team together and to start. How often will that be incorrect and you will tell us it will take a day or two to claim the order and to get the team together?
Tympa — Today at 17:37
extremely unlikely to take a whole day but i am realistic and sometimes there are anomalies and in which case i would be open and honest and let you or whoever else know such as the client etc
piNang2415 — Today at 17:38
Thank you for helping me to understand your flawless history. I see you have a few grandmaster nightfall clears. How comfortable are you with boosting grandmaster runs? Any issues getting people to run them?
Tympa — Today at 17:42
never had any issues with grandmasters, if i have no one online to help me run them i can always turn to lfg to find a team and have never failed since usually i can just carry them if need be so no issue there
also quick note if you look at our mutual friends, those are just some of the people i regularly play with 12 hours a day, i believe theyre also hired to the site and very good players
piNang2415 — Today at 17:46
Thank you for clearing that up. Tell me about you running Master kings raid. Assuming the customer is 1595+ light, what issues do you have getting a team together for Master King’s raid and for running it?
Tympa — Today at 17:49
1595+ there will be no issues, ive had an order at 1580 light before and with my main team we still completed the raid first trying almost every encounter
piNang2415 — Today at 17:55
Thank you for clarifying. Right now, we’re only taking on PVP players so we’ll focus on PVP.
Regarding your PVP boosting history, how many other sites do you collect Trials of Osiris orders from current?
Tympa — Today at 18:00
so for im on pvp and pve for all the sites i work for and prioritize trials at the weekend but as of late there hasnt been as many trials orders coming in as its nearing the end of the season
piNang2415 — Today at 18:02
how many sites are you boosting for?
Tympa — Today at 18:02
currently only 2 i think but thats not including personal clients
piNang2415 — Today at 18:05
At BoostCheetah, we’re different in the way that we keep the teams small so there is more orders for you. With that being said, we rely on our boosters being active and prioritizing our orders – completing our orders above all others. A single flawless pays a minimum of $20.40 per run. Would you be able to make BoostCheetah orders a priority and being available consistently?
Tympa — Today at 18:08
yes i would be able to make boostcheetah my priority, whenever im online and theres an order sitting ill pull it
piNang2415 — Today at 18:09
That’s great to hear you are consistently available for Trials. Is there anything stopping you from being consistently available, on average, for Trials of Osiris on Friday at reset?
Tympa — Today at 18:11
yes so im usually available all weekend, only time i wont be active is when im alseep
piNang2415 — Today at 18:13
Thank you for clarifying that. How many flawless cards can you complete, on average, everyday?
Tympa — Today at 18:17
given that they take usually about 40 minutes to an hour to complete and im playing up to 16 hours a day id say on a good weekend i could do 15 per day including times to swap accounts, get codes for accounts etc, ive had a weekend on my main account where i didnt have any orders where i got 66 flawlesses in 1 weekend so its possible i can complete up to 66 orders in a weekend
piNang2415 — Today at 18:20
Trials runs Friday through Monday. What days would you not be able to complete that many cards?
Tympa — Today at 18:21
i guess friday because reset is at 5pm my time
piNang2415 — Today at 18:22
To clarify everything – You’ll be available on Fridays at reset. Friday through Tuesday we can count on you getting close to 15 cards done everyday. If an order comes in somewhere else, you will always do BoostCheetah orders first if there is some available. Is this all correct?
Tympa — Today at 18:22
yes all correct
piNang2415 — Today at 18:26
Are you comfortable with doing Trials of Osiris carries and confident runs?
Tympa — Today at 18:28
yep no issues there either
if anything i think id prefer to do them as they pay more
piNang2415 — Today at 18:29
Do you currently have a VPN and do you use it while boosting?
Tympa — Today at 18:30
yes i have an active subscription with HMA VPN
piNang2415 — Today at 18:30
That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you.

I have a few other applicants to speak with. We’ll be selecting applicants by the end of the week. We’ll reach out via Discord if you’re selected. Please do not reach back out if you do not hear back, instead you can reapply on the website after thirty days.
Tympa — Today at 18:31
ok thank you