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  1. Admin Support says:

    regdorusmcToday at 3:05 PM
    Hi I received an Email and was prompted you send you my name Rodger Allen.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:06 PM
    Hi Rodger. Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. I’m currently finishing up an interview with another applicant but I’ll be available to speak with you in ten minutes. Will that work for you?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:07 PM
    yes that works for me!
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:07 PM
    Great, I look forward to speaking with you soon. At that time, you’ll have my full attention and I will need yours as well. Please be sure to finish up anything you’re working on now.
    regdorusmcToday at 3:22 PM
    Not a problem
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:23 PM
    Thank you for your patience. I need just another moment.
    regdorusmcToday at 3:23 PM
    No issues take your time
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:25 PM
    Thank you again for your patience. I’m pulling up your application now. How has your day been?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:25 PM
    I can’t complain to much. Mostly relaxing weekend
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:26 PM
    It’s been great, did a lot of hiking during the weekend and trying to dive back into work while staying off my feet!
    regdorusmcToday at 3:27 PM
    I understand that! I’m hoping to get some hiking and camping done in the fall. Heat doesn’t bother me that much but, the rest of my family not so much.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:28 PM
    I see on your application you marked down that you don’t have any professional boosting experience. What experience do you have with boosting?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:29 PM
    yes at the time I did not but, I now work with two other boosting companies. Prior to that I had helped another professional with self play carries and challenges of sorts
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:29 PM
    What companies are you currently working for?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:30 PM
    Legion Farm and DestinyLFGCarries
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:30 PM
    I assumed as much! What are your thoughts on boosting so far?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:31 PM
    For me it’s great. I am 29 years old and currently a full time student. So it’s been a great opportunity to make money while in school.
    Not to give you my whole life story but, I was in the US Marines for the past 10 years so doing less physical work is a good change of pace and I spend alot of time at home with only doing college so it’s afforded me the flexibility to stay on top of things.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:33 PM
    It’s a lot less physical! That I agree with. It can become mentally frustrating at times. Having worked with Legion Farm and DestinyLFGCarries, what are your thoughts on the boosting industry and what would you like to see improved?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:36 PM
    The industry itself seems to thriving quite well, improvements or things that I like to see improved (in relation to Legion farm’s process) is a better communication process between management and boosters. It’s minimal at best, and their ordering system allows for customers to mix a litany of orders together (mostly mixing in Trials on every order). Which causes a bit of lock out for mainly PVE players.
    They specifically don’t have a order splitting that I know of.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:37 PM
    Great feedback. Your application mentions that you’re always available. Since talking, you’ve mentioned family and school. Tell me a little bit more about your availability
    regdorusmcToday at 3:40 PM
    Sure. I’m married with no kids and my wife works full time. My schedule until late August is open all M-F and evenings on the weekend. Once in school my availability would shift to M, W, F Afternoons open and T/Th mornings to afternoon.

    Generally I’d pick up orders in the evening and knock them out in the next morning or that every same evening
    My friend group of players luckily span alot of time zones and a number of us work with a few different companies so getting a team together to accomplish things has been pretty easy going
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:41 PM
    At BoostCheetah, boosters speak directly to the customers and our customers love that we focus on letting them know everything that is going on with their account. It makes them feel safe. We do this by having a required set of updates that each booster must give via a live chat directly linked to the customer. This includes about 6 updates before starting an event and stopping after each raid encounter to let them know what they received.
    For some boosters, they just want to play and this is a waste of their time. What are your thoughts on constantly updating the client?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:44 PM
    I think that it is appropriate to stay in consistent and semi constant communication with the client. At the end of the day it’s their account and they are paying for service and communication is a part of that. A number of the orders I’ve done have been 3-4 raids in a day or something of the like so I’d send message telling them about some of the drops they got and what I had left to do. (on top of taking screenshots). A positive experience leads to returning customers.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:46 PM
    Hypothetically, a customer orders an Outbreak Prime Heroic + Config. He does not have the Outbreak so you obtain this for him.

    After obtaining the outbreak, and starting the heroic, you realize obtaining the Outbreak was not part of the order and this should have been ordered separately.

    You have a direct line to the customer but not an admin. It’s safe to assume you’ve been speaking with the customer for a while now. Skipping pleasantries, what do you say to the customer, word for word, to address this issue and let him know what happens next?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:51 PM
    Sadly in our order you did not specifically order obtaining Outbreak Prime, just the catalyst and config so I need to pause on our order right now in order to talk with the admins in order to appropriately update your order or the correct next steps.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:52 PM
    You mentioned the importance of creating a positive experience to ensure customers return. Why do you feel your current response is the best?
    regdorusmcToday at 3:56 PM
    I feel like in this response I’m not placing direct blame on the client and treating it as an oversight rather than malicious intent for free services and it would allow us to work towards the solution together. Additionally I would say I don’t know Boost Cheetah’s policies on these situations.
    BoostCheetahToday at 3:58 PM
    If you were the customer and you just read that response, would you have questions or concerns? Or would you walk away feeling you just had a positive experience and you’re ready to purchase more?
    regdorusmcToday at 4:01 PM
    I mean I would have questions in regards to my order
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:04 PM
    Do you feel it’s normal for customers to have questions and there is no way around that or do you think there is ways to resolve issues that create a positive experience?
    regdorusmcToday at 4:06 PM
    I think both. Having questions is natural both for new customers who have never allowed someone on their account before, and for long time customers who are hyper focused on drops, K/D, etc. Open and honest communication helps establish a relationship between the client and business. But, doing so allows for issues to be resolved in a positive way.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:07 PM
    Why do you need an admin to resolve this issue?
    regdorusmcToday at 4:11 PM
    My thought process here is two fold.

    one line of thought being I could simply have gotten the client outbreak, finished the order and told them while they didn’t specifically order it I did it anyways and to make sure they order everything they need in the future. Preserving the relationship and leaving happy.


    I would need an admin in the thought process that the client did not order the correct items and therefore is receiving services that they did not pay for therefore the company is making less money.

    I generally am inclined to go with the first one but, I don’t know what the companies stances on these things are.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:11 PM
    You already completed the service they didn’t pay for.
    You order a car wash, no wax. They wax your car and then tell you they can’t clean the inside because they waxed it. You have to wait for the manager. He’s not in but will be in within the next two days.
    After two days, the manager says to finish the job. Do you go back there for your next car wash or do you try one of the many other car washes in the area next time?
    regdorusmcToday at 4:13 PM
    Yes I would go somewhere else
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:14 PM
    Why do you feel your response is best for our customers but it isn’t good for you?
    Maybe a better question would be, in the car was situation, what do you think the workers should have done to best handle the situation for you?
    regdorusmcToday at 4:16 PM
    The best thing they could have done is completed the order and treated the wax as a happy mistake. As I personally feel is the same as obtaining outbreak (the happy mistake) and then doing the catalyst.
    The reason I mention speaking with an admin or anything of the sort is based on policy. These questions/exercise in and of itself is a wonderful example on how you would like it handled.
    BoostCheetahToday at 4:21 PM
    Thank you for your time today Rodger. That’s all the questions I had for you. We’ll be selecting boosters over the next several weeks. We’ll reach out via Discord. If you don’t hear back, feel free to reapply on the site after thirty days.
    regdorusmcToday at 4:21 PM
    Thank you so much for the opportunity! have a wonderful day

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