BoostCheetah Application

piNang2415 — Today at 06:37
Stay — Today at 06:37
piNang2415 — Today at 06:37
Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. I’m currently chatting with another applicant but will be free to chat with you around ten minutes from now. Will that work for you?
Stay — Today at 06:38
yes thats fine
im around all night
piNang2415 — Today at 06:38
Great. You’ll have my full attention when we’re chatting. I’ll need yours as well to be sure we can get through everything. Please use this time to finish up anything you’re working on and be ready to chat.
Stay — Today at 06:38
just listening to some music and chillin
piNang2415 — Today at 06:48
Thank you for waiting. I’m pulling up your application now. How are you doing today?
Stay — Today at 06:48
im great how are you?
piNang2415 — Today at 06:48
I’m doing great, thanks for asking!
I want to start by confirming a few items on your application. You’re applying for PC, XBOX, PVE. You can stream and have boosted professionally. Correct?
Stay — Today at 06:48
yes that is correct
piNang2415 — Today at 06:50
Thank you for confirming everything on your application. Your raid report shows flawless for all of the raids. How comfortable would you be doing flawless raid orders?
Stay — Today at 06:50
i would be comfortable running them
run them with my team usually when they have orders to do
quite comfortable running flawless raids
piNang2415 — Today at 06:52
If you were on the team and a flawless DSC raid came in right now, how long would it take for you to get a team and start? How successful are you at completing them?
Stay — Today at 06:54
its currently midnight for me right now i could maybe find a team withn 30minutes to 1hr due to what time it is right now usually it would take me 5-10 minutes to find a team for a flawless raid we dont usually wipe at all i play with the best of the best we are all there to make money so we eliminate every mistake possible
piNang2415 — Today at 06:54
No, sorry this is just a situational question. 🙂
Stay — Today at 06:55
ahh my mistake
roughly to find a team for a flawless raid would be 5-10 minutes after the team was all assembled we would start right away
maybe 5 minutes to start
piNang2415 — Today at 06:56
We’re looking to find how reliable you would be when a flawless order cames in. You noted it would take 10 minutes to get a team together and to start. How often will that be incorrect and you will tell us it will take a day or two to claim the order and to get the team together?
Stay — Today at 06:58
i would not pull a order if i dont plan to start it right away i dont see a point in pulling a flawless raid or any order and take 2 days to finish it flawless raids usually take 30-45 minutes max.
it would never be incorrect if i was to pull a flawless raid it would be started and completed in that day.
piNang2415 — Today at 07:01
I feel I may not be phrasing the question properly. Let me use this example.

“It will take me 10 minutes to get a team together”
“I can’t get a team together until tomorrow or a few days from now”
You said the first statement is typical, on average. How often will we hear the second statement?
Stay — Today at 07:02
you wont hear it at all
piNang2415 — Today at 07:02
Thank you for helping me to understand your flawless history. I see you have a few grandmaster nightfall clears. How comfortable are you with boosting grandmaster runs? Any issues getting people to run them?
Stay — Today at 07:03
not really a issue ive helped my friends get there seals quite easy
and they dont really play pve much
no issues really
Stay — Today at 07:05
im comfortable boosting other guardians through Grandmasters quite comfortably
piNang2415 — Today at 07:05
Thank you for clearing that up. Tell me about you running Master VOG. Assuming the customer is 1345+ light, what issues do you have getting a team together for Master VOG and for running it?
Stay — Today at 07:06
ive ran a master vog with all challenges where my friend was 1350 that raid is a joke
getting a team wouldnt be a issue at all
all of those challenges are 5 man able
Stay — Today at 07:06
i would have 0 issue running master vog with the client underlight
piNang2415 — Today at 07:07
Oh sorry my bad
Stay — Today at 07:08
there would be no issue gathering a team and completing the raid.
piNang2415 — Today at 07:09
light level is supposed to be +1585 for Master Kings Fall
Stay — Today at 07:09
anything about 1581 is fine really
most jobs me and my team can do 5 man
still not really a issue lol
piNang2415 — Today at 07:10
Do you currently have a VPN and do you use it while boosting?
Stay — Today at 07:10
yes i own a vpn and yes i do use it for orders when my friends give me them
piNang2415 — Today at 07:12
Do you have an active Paypal account?
Stay — Today at 07:12
yes i do
piNang2415 — Today at 07:12
That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you.

I have a few other applicants to speak with. We’ll be selecting applicants by the end of the week. We’ll reach out via Discord if you’re selected. Please do not reach back out if you do not hear back, instead you can reapply on the website after thirty days.