BoostCheetah Application

piNang2415 — Today at 03:07
Teqoa — Today at 03:07
piNang2415 — Today at 03:09
Thank you for your interest in boosting at BoostCheetah. I’m currently chatting with another applicant but will be free to chat with you around ten minutes from now. Will that work for you?
Teqoa — Today at 03:09
Yes thats perfectly fine
piNang2415 — Today at 03:10
Great. You’ll have my full attention when we’re chatting. I’ll need yours as well to be sure we can get through everything. Please use this time to finish up anything you’re working on and be ready to chat.
Teqoa — Today at 03:10
Yep im just finishing a raid so timing should be perfect
piNang2415 — Today at 04:07
May I have your email?
Teqoa — Today at 04:07
The original email i applied was
Sorry i corrected it, in case u didnt see ^
Also, i believe the second email i got sent for the following questions were sent in case theres a certain part of the application missing. Not sure why it happened, but its cause my accounts are linked in some way
Teqoa — Today at 04:40
@piNang2415 anything else you need
Teqoa — Today at 05:23
hey @piNang2415 i been doing my best to wait patiently but its 11.22pm for me and i am fairly tired. if theres a better time to do this please let me know
piNang2415 — Today at 05:24
Sorry I am still interviewing the other applicant.
Teqoa — Today at 05:24
oh im sorry for interrupting
piNang2415 — Today at 06:15
Thank you for the patience.
Are you still up?
Teqoa — Today at 06:46
yes sorry i just woke up @piNang2415
piNang2415 — Today at 06:48
Let’s do this worries. 🙂
Teqoa — Today at 06:48
Im up and awake right now, i dont mind. It probably will ve easier to do now, since i assume we are in different time zones
piNang2415 — Today at 06:49
Okay let me pull up you application.
I want to start by confirming a few items on your application. You’re applying for PC, Xbox, PS, Stadia, PVE, PVP . You can stream and have boosted professionally. Correct?
Teqoa — Today at 06:52
piNang2415 — Today at 06:53
Thank you for confirming everything on your application. Your raid report shows flawless for all of the raids. How comfortable would you be doing flawless raid orders?
Teqoa — Today at 06:54
If scheduling is permitted then i most definitely can do it.
piNang2415 — Today at 06:54
If you were on the team and a flawless DSC raid came in right now, how long would it take for you to get a team and start? How successful are you at completing them?
Teqoa — Today at 06:55
Flawless dsc, if i had the team i usually have easily done within an hour. If i have to lfg maybe a few extra attempts before succession
piNang2415 — Today at 06:56
How long will it take to gather your team?
Teqoa — Today at 06:57
Ideally if ppl are on i can have a team in an hour or 2.
piNang2415 — Today at 06:58
We’re looking to find how reliable you would be when a flawless order cames in. You noted it would take 2 hours to get a team together and to start. How often will that be incorrect and you will tell us it will take a day or two to claim the order and to get the team together?
Teqoa — Today at 06:59
Not often. Typically depends on the raid also. Dsc, kings fall are not too difficult. Where as gos, vow and last wish maybe a bit more of a challenge finding people
piNang2415 — Today at 07:01
Thank you for helping me to understand your flawless history. I see you have a few grandmaster nightfall clears. How comfortable are you with boosting grandmaster runs? Any issues getting people
to run them?
Teqoa — Today at 07:01
Nah grandmasters are easy if i dont have people i just lfg. My strike report may not reflect but i have done a fair amount of conqueror seals. And play with gms when i have a friend to run with
piNang2415 — Today at 07:03
Thank you for clearing that up. Tell me about you running Master King. Assuming the customer is 1595+ light, what issues do you have getting a team together for Master King and for running it?
Teqoa — Today at 07:04
Just finding a team, i have recently gotten a oretty consistent team, if you see the clear that i have on raid report, it took my team 1h 30 to do our first clear together on the first day of release
piNang2415 — Today at 07:06
Regarding your PVP boosting history, how many other sites do you collect Trials of Osiris orders from current?
Teqoa — Today at 07:07
I mean, i usually do my requested trials stuff from my other sites but thats about it from them as prices and payouts have dropped. I noticed you guys charge 44$ for a card. Are payouts 50/50?
piNang2415 — Today at 07:08
At BoostCheetah, we’re different in the way that we keep the teams small so there is more orders for you. With that being said, we rely on our boosters being active and prioritizing our orders – completing our orders above all others. A single flawless pays a minimum of $20.40 per run. Would you be able to make BoostCheetah orders a priority and being available consistently?
Teqoa — Today at 07:09
Yea 100%
Thats basically $5 more than what im getting
piNang2415 — Today at 07:09
That’s great to hear you are consistently available for Trials. Is there anything stopping you from being consistently available, on average, for Trials of Osiris on Friday at reset?
Teqoa — Today at 07:10
I mean sleep, trials starts at 3am for me. So i typically start when i wake up which anywhere from 7-10am.
piNang2415 — Today at 07:13
Thank you for clarifying that. How many flawless cards can you complete, on average, everyday?
Teqoa — Today at 07:14
With that level of pay, as many as i can. On a good week maybe about 12-15 a day. A normal week maybe 8-10
piNang2415 — Today at 07:14
Trials runs Friday through Monday. What days would you not be able to complete that many cards?
Teqoa — Today at 07:16
Im usually around most of the time when trials is out. Only time im not available is if theres a family event or an occasional outing.
piNang2415 — Today at 07:20
To clarify everything – You’ll be available on Fridays at reset. Friday through Tuesday we can count on you getting close to 1 2-15cards done everyday. If an order comes in somewhere else, you will always do BoostCheetah orders first if there is some available. Is this all correct?
Teqoa — Today at 07:22
Yes that is correct. The only time i wont be available is when im not home or busy with family. And i will always inform you guys if necessary if i do leave for an extended time (long hours or a day or 2)
piNang2415 — Today at 07:23
Are you comfortable with doing Trials of Osiris carries and confident runs?
Teqoa — Today at 07:25
Yes i am confident in doing carries and confident run, preferably run on main for carries unless its a decent account
piNang2415 — Today at 07:25
Do you currently have a VPN and do you use it while boosting?
Teqoa — Today at 07:26
I mean yes i can. I do whenever a booster asks me too.
I always send a screenshot to the customer when asking if its on. Cause it bugs out sometimes and shows my location when logging in
piNang2415 — Today at 07:27
are you from US?
Teqoa — Today at 07:27
piNang2415 — Today at 07:28
oH, great!
Teqoa — Today at 07:28
I can work them.odd hours for you guys
piNang2415 — Today at 07:28
That’s all the questions I had for you. Thank you.

I have a few other applicants to speak with. We’ll be selecting applicants by the end of the week. We’ll reach out via Discord if you’re selected. Please do not reach back out if you do not hear back, instead you can reapply on the website after thirty days.
Teqoa — Today at 07:29
Sounds good